Moringa Trees


Growing and Harvesting Moringa

Cultivation of Moringa Seeds –  Plant seeds one inch deep; keep the soil moist after planting.  As there is much genetic diversity among Moringa Oleifera, sprouting can occur within a week or as long as two or three weeks.  We have also observed seeds germinating faster in warm weather than cool.  Seedlings grow rapidly, reaching 9-15 inches in a couple months.  Cutting off the tops of the trees to a height of 3-4½ feet encourages branching and bushing at lower stem positions.  Moringa prefers well drained soils and has high drought resistance but is not cold tolerant.  Temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit will cause it to die back to ground level or even kill the plant altogether if the roots are allowed to freeze. Moringa trees are prolific and can grow up to 15 -20 feet in a year.

Harvesting Moringa trees – Harvest very young whole plants, young leaves and even older leaflets and flowers for food.  Pick the slender young pods (referred to as drumsticks) for eating whole like asparagus. You can also boil the older pods and seeds.  The white, fleshy interior can be scooped out and eaten as well.

Repeatedly prune the older flowering branches to stimulate production of new branch shoots. 


He who plants a tree, plants a hope.”
Lucy Larcou – “Plant a Tree” 

Moringa Oleifera Seedlings


Tree Seedlings

Trees are sold locally in Southern Arizona (Tucson and Phoenix areas)

We have several sizes:

- Plant in 1 gallon pot, approximately 1 ft tall, first season growth, planted from seed - $5.00

- Plant in 1 gallon pot, approximately 2 ft tall, first season growth, planted from seed - $10.00

- Plant in 5 gallon pot, approximately 4 ft tall, second season growth, planted from seed - $20.00

We are based in Tucson and we make runs up to the Phoenix area a couple times each month to deliver product, typically on Sundays.  We normally meet our customers at any exit off I-10 between Buckeye and Tucson and delivery is free.

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