I just received my order of Moringa oil. I have to say a big thanks for getting it to me so quickly. I tried a small 1 oz bottle on some skin problems that nothing else has worked on....and I have been going to a dermatoligist. The Moringa oil has started healing them. One on my face is almost gone. I was almost out and hated to have a break in putting the oil on...but my order arrived so quickly that I don't have to worry. Thanks for the service!!

My name is Mesha Caccavale and I am an equine therapist.  I recently had an issue with pinworms in my horses that just wouldn't go away.  I had used a number of feedstore wormers to no avail when I finally got online to search for natural anti-parasitics.  After hours of scouring the internet I decided I would try the moringa.  I contacted Victoria and bought 200 seeds.  I have a 1400 lbs stallion, a 1200 lbs mare and a 1100 lbs elderly gelding and a 4mo (at the time) foal.  I gave them 10 seeds for Big Boy, 8 seeds for Gracie, 7 seeds for Pecas, and 2 little seeds for Baby each day for five days then repeat every 3-5 weeks for 3 months.  The worms are gone even in the foal!
The tail rubbing stopped in a couple days, great, but I saw their moods enhance.  
I had recently lost the patriarch of the herd and all of us were a little off, especially the gelding, Pecas.  He was down right depressed.  Not only did he stop moping in the corner from sun up to sun down, but he started moving more freely.  Pecas was a header (roping horse) for many years and his hocks are almost crippled with arthritis.  The moringa seeds take so much of the inflamtion out that the only time he seems bothered is when a big storm is just about to hit.  My daughter rides him everywhere, mostly at a trot and canter!  He moves soundly both directions and even jumps ditches of his own free will.  He jumps up from rolling and bucks and runs down the pen because he feels so good! Which he hasn't done in about 5 years.  
I give him seeds more frequently.  I started with 3 seeds every day in between the worming doses. Now I only give him  2 seeds a couple days a week or if we are going to have a big ride the next day.  
Moringa has been a miracle for this horse, he is happy and sound in his mid twenties.
After seeing what moringa did for my horse I tried it on myself and my family.  I had been kicked in the knee and was swollen and hot to the touch. Forty-five minutes after eating 1 seed the swelling and heat left my knee and it was almost normal. 
My husband had high blood pressure and anxiety.  Easily controlled by the moringa powder I buy from Victoria.  His doctor said his blood pressure was great! 
I suggest moringa to everybody I know for any issue they might have.  I sound like a broken record player, but for good reason!

Moringa is amazing!

I've always had dry skin, but in the last three years my face has been extremely dry with dry scaly patches. LH told me about your oil and everything in me knew I needed to buy some. The results have been so amazing. My face has smoothed out completely and softened. It's like putting love on your skin!


I love that oil, it makes my hands feel like silk! Thanks again


I just ordered another bottle of the Moringa oil I recently started using.. I ordered it for my husband. He is about to be 61 and a few years ago started having serious bruising, skin tearing and bleeding of his forearms. He has been to several different doctors all telling him the same thing.. he has spent years in the sun and used lots of bug spray on those forearms for mosquitos and it has just diminished his skin cells on the forearms because of exposure.. after checking into the moringa seed for consumption just as an afterthought, decided to try the oil.. only been using it less than a week and his skin is already looking better and seems more elastic.. the loss of the elasticity is the primary problem causing the tearing, bleeding and bruising that doesn't go away.. so we decided to get the bigger bottle.   

Sandy S. (Lumberton, TX)

Joshua is doing really well with his diabetes.  We put Moringa powder in his protein drinks nearly every day.  He is currently only taking 15 units of insulin each day which is down from 50 when we visited you!  The doctor says his pancreas is in a honeymoon stage that will eventually end, but his improvement started right about the time he started taking Moringa.  It is likely a combination of the two.  It would be amazing if he got completely off insulin.  
Thanks for everything, 


Dear Victoria, I am stirring up interest in these seeds! Intriguing! I had a pinched nerve in my back for several years, a hip injury backside for a long time, and an injured right shoulder that had bothered me for several months. I took one of these seeds every morning with what I ate. Only thing difference in my usual daily pattern. I crushed the seed each morning and ate hull and all. The pinched nerve disappeared! The hip injury that bothered me gone! And the shoulder injury that bothered me for several months all gone and at the same time! Also, feel very healthy! Also, my hair got a bit more curly. My hair hasn't been curly at all since a small boy. I had curly hair then. I thought you would be interested in this as the Moringa seed each day is the only thing that could have done this. Best Regards and God Bless! 


Dear Victoria,

Just a note of appreciation for sending the package of Moringa seeds to Colene..
I chewed one after breakfast and I am amazed!!!! As a retired Reg. Pharmacist, pushing 82 years young, feeling sciatica pain, and other challenges, I am so pleased with my physical response.
You have a very strong supporter. The RELIEF is so great!!!!! If I can help in any way to effectively promote your blessed work, let me know.

In the Love of Humanity,

I was following this patient for 2 years. She had a wound for 20 years. I stabilized the wound but it would not close. I used Moringa oil (wound care protocol had to combine with castor oil which had studies on safety). We used 4ml castor oil with 11ml Moringa oil (had specific dosage I researched on castor oil) In one week wound epithelialized. 
Yesterday I had a nurse assistant suffering from acute kidney pain gave 6 capsules of Moringa oil - 3ml total. His pain went away in 20 minutes.  

Dr. Brown


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